A Five Star Rating From Every Customer: Chris Groves Explains That That Should Be Every Business’ Goal

A Five Star Rating From Every Customer: Chris Groves Explains That That Should Be Every Business’ Goal

Chris Groves is an expert in the field of business. Along with his wife, Aleyna, Chris founded a business called Groves Capital that has allowed him to help numerous people and families enjoy their new homes. One of the things that Chris prides himself on is excellent customer service. For him, his business revolves around the customer and making sure that they are satisfied with their results.

However, Chris has noticed that while he takes customer service very seriously, many businesses do not. Particularly during the pandemic when many businesses have needed it the most, people are being pushed away instead of brought in with kindness and quality treatment. To Chris, that was a huge issue that he wanted to address.

“The one thing I’ve noticed from my view as a consumer is that COVID killed most companies’ customer service standards. I have been told “no” more than “yes” recently, for requests that should be accommodated to keep a company’s clientele content and feeling valued. I know the world has changed, and rules have been in constant flux due to mandates at all levels of government that impact owners of companies, but these owners seem to have forgotten that customer service at a high standard is a valuable feature of their business, and that most people seek out doing business based on that experience,” Chris explains.

Because of this feeling, Chris wanted to emphasize the importance of each and every one of his customers having a five star experience. However, this goes beyond just the customers for Chris; it also includes his staff and everyone who works with him. If their experience isn’t great, than the customers won’t have a great experience.

“5 star service is important to me as a consumer and a client, which is why it’s a vital aspect of how I run Groves Capital lending company. It’s how I treat my partners and our clientele that sets us apart from our competition. I grew up working in the best hotels and the best restaurants as a young man. I didn’t have the money growing up to have that lifestyle, but I valued what it felt like to be catered to,” Chris states.

Chris believes that many issues involving poor hospitality can be solved by fixing clear communication issues. These breakdowns are often the cause of a bad service experience whether it is on the staff end or the customer end.

“Most customer service problems arise because of communication: most people get frustrated because they don’t understand something, and their concerns are not being heard. In any industry, problems occur: accidents happen, people make mistakes, communication is not clear. The ability to solve problems, and clearly communicate when problems arise, is the key to success,” Chris says.

For those looking to follow in Chris’ footsteps, he offers a piece of advice based on his company: 

“My company has a motto: we strive for 110%! Because 100 percent isn’t enough. We focus on going above and beyond to give our clients the 5 star experience, not because we are told to but because we feel that’s how business should be conducted. The world is opening back up. It’s time to make the consumer feel special and heard again after two years of disruption to their lives.”

To find out more about Chris, check out his website here.