According to Mr. Biz®, i.e. Ken Wentworth, We All Need to Stop Faking the Funk to Achieve Our Goals

According to Mr. Biz®, i.e. Ken Wentworth, We All Need to Stop Faking the Funk to Achieve Our Goals

Achieving massive goals always seems impossible for most “normal” people. These incredible achievements are reserved for those who either possess more talent or more financial means, right? Does that resonate with you?

Do you realize many of these super successful people started out in humble beginnings, as just your average everyday person, but with Big Dreams?

Anyone heard of – 

Sara Blakely? Oprah Winfrey? Steve Harvey? Grant Cardone? 

Is that you?

In an effort to change this narrative of having to be special to reach your dreams, Ken Wentworth, better known as Mr. Biz®, has written a new book called, “Don’t Fake the Funk: F*ck Being Average”, that provides the blueprint for achieving life-changing goals. His book relies on a powerful, proprietary, four-step strategy known as “SMAC”.

“I used this methodology to break not just one, but literally six World Records! In fact, there are a number of people we would all consider influencers/celebrities who have used this methodology to get to where they are as well. If I can do this, you can do it as well! 

“I’m not just telling you this method works; I show you how it works and I outline some real-life examples of results it has produced.” Wentworth says.

At its very core, this ground-breaking book is designed to finally help people feel like they can be successful and show them how to make that happen! Whether it is checking off a New Year’s Resolution goal, or achieving a promotion in your corporate career, or sticking to a diet to shed those pesky Covid pounds, or just finally achieving your full potential – “Don’t Fake the Funk: F*ck Being Average” – is an easy-to-implement strategy for everyone’s goals.

“This book’s intention is to help people achieve absolutely massive goals! This book will help you achieve any goal simply by following my four-step SMAC methodology. I know it sounds crazy but you don’t need anything special to implement this strategy. It works for everyone,” Mr. Biz® explains.

However, it is not just Wentworth’s method that gets people past the finish line. It is the fact that he truly believes that each and every one of us already possesses the talent and ability to achieve mind-blowing things; we just need the blueprint to unlock it within each of us.

“In fact, each and every one of us has this, but we just do not tap into our full potential nearly often enough. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and this book will help you untap your true full potential whenever you want. We need to stop faking the funk – stop making excuses and limiting ourselves”, Mr. Biz® states.

With his multiple upcoming projects, Ken is looking forward to assisting people in achieving their biggest goals yet. 

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