Adam Jablin Shares His Five Strategies For People To Become the Heroes of Their Own Lives: Find Out More From the Mentor, Recovery Coach and Creator of The Hero Project

Adam Jablin Shares His Five Strategies For People To Become the Heroes of Their Own Lives: Find Out More From the Mentor, Recovery Coach and Creator of The Hero Project

The figure of the superhero has always been that of an idealized man or woman with special characteristics or qualities that help other people solve problems or get out of struggle. Superheroes often represent values such as honesty and righteousness, and they are admired by many. Whether it is Superman or Batman, or real-life heroes like firefighters and doctors.

Adam Jablin, life-coach, recovery- mentor,  speaker, best-selling author, and creator of the Hero Project, believes that anyone can become a hero. 

“Being a hero means owning every part of your own story – (the good, the bad and the ugly) making amends for your mistakes, facing your fears with courage and moving forward with FAITH.” He says.

To be a hero people have to work hard and sometimes compromise and give something away. Even TV superheros give their time to others.

To become superheroes we have to be willing to show up. It’s not about how much we have left in the tank, it’s about how much more we are willing to give. I think we create our own demons. We have to face them and give it our all in life.Adam explains.

Like with everything in life, there may be an obstacle on the way that needs to be overcome to reach success. When it comes to people becoming their own heroes one of the hardest parts according to Adam is honesty. 

We have to accept the truth in order to overcome our own limitations. There are so many times we want to lie to others so as not to offend them. Especially to those we love the most. There are also times when we want to lie to ourselves and live in denial.” He shares.

Now, according to Adam, for people to become the heroes of their own path they must follow five strategies.

The first thing I do with my clients is to really get to know their own story. Get to the causes and conditions of how we got here. Now, how we dress and show up from this day forward!” Adam notes.

As a second strategy, the person who wants to become a superhero must start or follow a spiritual lifestyle. Adam recommends to pray, meditate or journal, in order to cultivate intrinsic strength.

“Third–Have hard conversations. The ones you really don’t want to have. The ones you want to keep in the dark. The ones that give you butterflies in your stomach!” Adam adds.

Because everyone has both strengths and weaknesses–lights and shadows–Adam’s fourth strategy is all about working on weaknesses to transform them into strengths.

Work hard! Work on your weaknesses! Become the whole package. Don’t be one-dimensional.”

Lastly, Adam believes that with everything a hero does, it is crucial that they stay accountable to themselves and to each other.

Keep your word. Don’t be a good starter, be a good finisher!” He states.

For people to achieve their goal of becoming the hero of their own path, it is necessary that they comply with not just one of these strategies. But the most important one for Adam is the second strategy–to have a spiritual path.

I was taught that when we get spiritually straightened out, the mental, emotional and financial follow. From my own experience, I have found this to be true!” Adam says.

To be a hero, you do not need to wait for the perfect time to start, the ideal time to start is always today.

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