Adam Jablin Wants to Help Change the Negativity at the Root of Many Mental Health Problems. He Started a Program to Do Just That. Find Out More Below.

Adam Jablin Wants to Help Change the Negativity at the Root of Many Mental Health Problems. He Started a Program to Do Just That. Find Out More Below.

What you do and how you think about yourself changes a lot for your outlook, both mentally and physically, on life. A positive mind and view on life can create a lot of positive outcomes. This all starts by starting off your day right and doing things that help make you feel better both on a physical and mental level.

Adam Jablin is a true believer in how mindset can change someone’s life. He strives to teach people how to undo the negative outlook they have in life and exchange it for a positive one!

“I really believe negativity is taught to us at an early age from society and sometimes our parents. Not that everybody isn’t trying to help—but we take it personally and begin to repeat what they said in our heads for years and years. I believe in the spirit behind the affirmations. Weak spirit, weak affirmations. Strong spirit—strong affirmations,” Adam explains.

Adam learned a lot about positive mindset, meditation, and getting in touch with his mental health when he was struggling to overcome his addiction. It was the hardest moment for him in his life, but it taught him so much about himself.

“My recovery from alcoholism and addiction shifted my entire being! The best way to deal with painful events like these is to lean into it, not away from it. Learn from it! And you can turn adversity into opportunity by realizing that everything is happening FOR me —not TO me,” Adam remarks.

Now, Adam is teaching all of these techniques to his students as a coach in his brand new Hero 7 Project. This teaching is not limited to people who have struggled with addiction. Adam has helped numerous students through their mental health difficulties throughout the pandemic spanning everything from anxiety to depression to PTSD.

My biggest motivation was watching what Covid did to us all. There’s been a lot of loss, and I believe a higher calling to spiritual life. I’ve been on the news an average of four times a week, even being called the Covid-Coach (which I am not!) So many people are struggling and looking for a way out,” Adam remarks.

The project itself seeks to transform people mentally through various treatments that are personalized for each and every individual. His own experience and understanding of the process is what makes this program so special. You are not learning from just anyone, but rather from someone who has been in your shoes at some point in time and has gotten through to the other side.

The main thing I do is look at how far I have come from my deep dark past. I see how I got through those tough times, mentally, spiritually and physically. It takes a LEAP OF FAITH, so we can grow. Break Free. Get Stronger. Surrender and become the HERO of our own journey! SEE THINGS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Be a good finisher–not a good starter!” Adam exclaims.

His tips for those struggling right now are to try different techniques like journaling and imagining the power behind you and your actions.

“Try to let go of what you feel needs to happen. Imagine a spiritual army behind you willing to do supernatural works. Relax and don’t take yourself so seriously. Try to really detach from your thoughts. Surrender to the current moment. Always start with prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation are essential!” Adam advises.

Adam is continuing to do what he does best and assist more people in whatever is hurting them. To find out more about Adam, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.