Brandon Young, the Founder of Young Management and Consulting, Has Always Had a Positive Mindset, Which Has Helped Him Get Ahead in His Business and in Life.

Brandon Young, the Founder of Young Management and Consulting, Has Always Had a Positive Mindset, Which Has Helped Him Get Ahead in His Business and in Life.

A team is as much of an asset as any part of your company. If you have a good team with a good idea and drive to execute, it is easy to achieve success. Brandon Young is a person who knows the value of a good team as he continues to lead and grow his company, Young Management and Consulting. His team, next to his clients, is his top priority.

“People are the number one asset next to clients. Skill set is also limited in the workforce. It’s challenging to find the right profile and team member. There is limited talent. Motivation hasn’t been that challenging, finding dedicated technical team members who have similar drive and “know how”  our clients and projects demand is challenging.  Although It’s hard to find someone dedicated to your teams as you are, I am pleased to know everyone on my team shares the common goal to succeed for the company and our clients.   Through Grid Mod University we are going to leverage our  core team to train, transition & develope talent in the markets we serve and put people to work” Brandon explains.

Young Management & Consulting began in 2015 and hit their stride about five years into business after Brandon transitioned to working for YMC full time. Their business spans many industries, including the energy and infrastructure sector, where they provide project controls and construction management. Young Management & Consulting also develops technology solutions, provide agile technical project management solutions as well as owner engineering overview. On top of it all, they also provide gas pipeline and electric utility GIS services and consulting. 

With a breadth of services, Young Management and Consulting is a boutique service provider.  This means they are able to prioritize and personalize services, it also means they face unique challenges, specifically in competition with other larger companies. 

“It can be very hard to compete and make our company stand out. The fact that we are a small diverse business is hard. We don’t have big exposure and financial backing.  Therefore we differentiate and compliment larger organizations.   Our size allows us to be more flexible than larger companies in a timely manner and go places where they don’t,” Brandon says.

Brandon’s business life is not just confined to him. He has made it a part of his entire life, even having family members be a part of the business while also finding time to enjoy his personal and professional life.

“I have family members that work for me now. It brought us closer but sometimes the switch is never turned off when it comes to talking about work. As a small business you have to wear many hats. You have to split your time evenly between business and personal. Allocate the timing to what’s important at that time and plan ahead. There are times where my personal life may have to take a back seat at times when it comes to my business. I do a great job on turning it off, it’s a matter of saying no,” Brandon states.

Brandon is able to power through the challenges and see the brighter side of things because he stays motivated. When asked to recall a time when he wanted to throw in the towel, Brandon, not surprisingly, came up empty. 

“I have always been motivated. I’m always excited when it comes to my business. I’ve had experiences in my life that made me never want to give up or go back,” Brandon remarks.

In 2022, Brandon has his sights set on big goals. As they come off a year of great success, the only direction to go is up. In the coming months, Young Management and Consulting will work to continue to add strategic value to customers, as well as adding more staff and projects to the team. 

“I want to continue to give back to the community continuously. Seek company to company partners. My ultimate goal is to be a turnkey provider to big companies, but as a small company now,” Brandon outlines.

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