Carlos Smith is Determined To Coach People and Teach Them How To Improve and Leverage Their Credit, Not Just Repair It

Carlos Smith is Determined To Coach People and Teach Them How To Improve and Leverage Their Credit, Not Just Repair It

Many times it is necessary to acquire an asset, whether it is a movable asset such as a car or real estate, or a house or business premises that help people to cover their needs. To do any of this, having good credit is required.

In the United States, credit dictates what the person may or may not do. This has been a headache for many people because many times they do not have the necessary knowledge to understand and know how the credit system works.

That is why it is important for people to obtain financial education, which is something that Carlos D Smith, also known as The Credit God, can offer through his credit coaching business  Smith Financials LLC.

At the beginning, Smith Financials focused on “credit repair.” But he noticed that people who he had helped improve their credit scores would go back to him after six months having destroyed their credit again.

This helped Carlos realize that people did not really understand credit, or knew how to build credit and take advantage of it. It was then that he decided to add a series of videos related to the credit issue and thus start a new branch of his company focusing on credit coaching.

Carlos’ motivation to join the credit industry years ago was his own story. When he was younger, he did not know anything about credit. Once he became informed about it, he was able to take control over his life. 

“I had financial problems until I was 37 years old. Once I educated myself on credit I felt so good about being in control of my financial life. I felt the need to help and teach others too because I knew a lot of people who needed this and it was a service that made me feel good. I already love helping people. Knowing that I can help people for a living.” Carlos shares.

Carlos differentiates himself from the competition by the fact that his company is the only one that gives more value by making credit understandable, helping train people to be successful. Other companies focus on credit repair and make themselves necessary for the customers so they keep coming back.

Our biggest success is just succeeding in helping people every day, overcoming things they didn’t understand and simplifying it for them. Success for me is making everyone around me successful. Then I will be successful.” Carlos states.

Although one of the biggest hurdles for Carlos was writing his first book, he is now focused on writing his second book “10 Ways to Leverage Your Credit.” There, he will teach some of the things he did with his credit to build a stable future.

Learn more about Carlos and Smith Financials LLC here.