Commission of January 6 announces that it sent a subpoena to Trump to testify

Commission of January 6 announces that it sent a subpoena to Trump to testify

The Select Committee of the House of Representatives investigating the assault on the US Capitol, on January 6, 2021, announced this Friday that it officially sent a subpoena to former President Donald Trump to testify. Precisely as he portrays him as the central figure in a multi-step plan to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The panel issued the subpoena to try to force Trump to testify under oath and produce documents. In that sense, he ordered the former president to provide the documents before November 4 and to have “one or more days of testimony” from “November 14 or around that date.” Unlike previous subpoena announcements, the commission published the full notice it sent to Trump, along with the documents he is requesting.

“We recognize that a subpoena on a former president is a significant and historic action. We do not take this action lightly,” the commission wrote in a letter accompanying the subpoena.

In its subpoena, the commission specifically requires Trump to turn over any communications, sent or received during the period of November 3, 2020, to January 20, 2021, with more than a dozen of his close allies who have emerged as key figures in the plan to annul the 2020 elections.

In addition, the panel indicated that it wants Trump to testify about his interactions with several individuals, including people on the same list, who availed themselves of their Fifth Amendment right when the commission questioned them about their dealings with the former president.

The House committee’s most recent public hearing, in which its members voted to subpoena him, served as the final argument, ahead of the midterm elections, that Trump is at the center of a multi-step plan that intended to annul the 2020 presidential election.