Elevay Yisrael is the Person To Contact When It Comes To Credit Repair: Without Good Credit, Life is Limited

Elevay Yisrael is the Person To Contact When It Comes To Credit Repair: Without Good Credit, Life is Limited

Many people work hard for hours a day for many years in order to acquire material goods such as a house, an apartment, a car, and a commercial property. But when they want to buy it, everything is more difficult if they don’t have good credit.

Unfortunately, credit dictates how much or how little people can do, and sometimes it’s not the person’s fault, but rather the fact that they don’t have the necessary knowledge on how to better manage their debts and income to have a better credit rating.

Elevay Yisrael is the person to contact when it comes to credit repair and improving credit rating. He runs a financial company that offers credit restoration, personal and business financing, and private coaching for individuals looking to start their own credit restoration business.

My team and I strive to help others thrive because we know how important it is to have finances in order. We were never taught financial literacy in school.” Eleval shares.

Nowadays in the changing and convulsed world, it is often necessary to have a second source of income to help people not only to pay their expenses but also to serve as a support for any situation.

This second source of income can usually be associated with activities that the person likes to do as a hobby. The search for a second source of income became the flame that ignited Elevay’s desire to start his own business.

I knew that a single income stream would not take me to the next level of my life financially, so starting my own business was my first choice. Since I started my own business in 2006, I now see that no one can pay you as you can pay yourself.” Elevay explains.

But it was not easy for Elevay to do this. Like with any business, there are numerous challenges and obstacles along the way to success. This is precisely why for Elevay, the greatest achievement has been being able to build his empire from scratch. 

I could not have done it without the support of my team and my clients who asked me for help in developing financial plans and financial services. My income and investment portfolio have grown, which has expanded my business into significant profits.” Elevay says.

One of the many challenges all businesses recently encountered was the COVID-19 pandemic, which led many companies to have to migrate to the digital world in order to survive and have had to change the ways in which they do business.

In Elevay’s case, the biggest obstacle when managing his business during COVID-19 was the loss of capital that at one point his company faced, which complicated business expansion plans.

However, I was able to regain the strength of my business by investing all my savings in it. Looking back from then until now, I have overcome many obstacles to finally reach my greatest potential and be in the position I am in today.” He adds.

Moving on, Elevay’s biggest goal for 2021 is to help more people who seek help to become successful entrepreneurs. 

I see that the biggest disadvantage for most of my clients is that they don’t have the capital to get started, let alone expand their business. With the help of my team and I make sure our clients are prepared to get the financial services they need to execute their plans. The success of my clients is my success, which is the key and the goals I now set for myself in the future.” Elevay states.

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