Groves Capital, The Fastest Growing Mortgage Company In The United States, Is Expanding & Adding New Product Lines This Year

Groves Capital, The Fastest Growing Mortgage Company In The United States, Is Expanding & Adding New Product Lines This Year

Entrepreneurship is often cited as a major engine of economic growth, particularly in the United States. In that sense, it is important to recognize its contribution to economic and societal development. 

The truth is that entrepreneurs must be risk-takers. Mistakes are part of the process. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Entrepreneurs have a lot of I’s — instincts, impulse, inspiration and innovation. They know how to improvise with the best. Business, like the rest of life, rarely comes with an edited script. Mastering improvisation is a surefire way to become better at everything you do.

So why do entrepreneurs succeed? It’s usually not just because they are chasing a pot of gold. It’s because they love doing something new. They love changing the rules of the game, and they know how to harness a team to tackle challenges. 

That’s exactly the case of Chris Groves, a serial entrepreneur, businessman and father with whom we had the pleasure of talking about business, entrepreneurship, economy and, of course, about his successful company, Groves Capital.

The business is a residential and commercial lending family-owned business based in San Diego, CA. Chris and his wife, Aleyna, have built a reputation of being able to deliver a broad menu of options to their extensive clientele while maintaining great service and timely delivery.

It is also the fastest growing mortgage company in the United States. Groves Capital offers over 200 lenders and 1000 loan products. With over 630 loan officers, the business is a national leader within the industry, which has expanded across all 50 states in the US.

“Today’s technology is providing a more productive and real-time environment. Through our website, you can submit a complete and secure loan application or pre-qualify for a home loan. You may also evaluate your different financing options by using our interactive calculators and going over various mortgage scenarios. Additionally, you can search for properties through our interactive MLS portal”, Chris explains.

However, the big question of 2023 seems to be: is a recession coming or not? You’re confused. We’re confused. Who isn’t confused? Economic signals are pointing in different directions, and with every new data release comes a new batch of headlines declaring that our odds of heading into a recession are higher or lower than they were before.

Although the facts speak for themselves and that large companies are laying off much of their workers, Groves Capital is experiencing a completely opposite phenomenon: the business is expanding, adding new product lines and growing despite the possible crisis.

There is always money to be made in any economic environment. Some of the biggest wealth is built during downturns and changing markets. The key is change, the one constant to stay on top of any industry, is the ability to change and move quickly”, Chris shares.

Groves Capital is focusing on staying as virtual as possible and generating opportunities for their partners, as well as creating new product lines to enhance their abilities to lend into new spaces. In addition, they have added lines of credit products, business loans, equipment loans and SBA loans.

“We developed new commercial platforms in all 50 states, we have seen an increase in investors looking to build their portfolios and a down-turn market is perfect to do just that. We have also brought on private billion dollar funds in the commercial and hard money space that gives our clients lending opportunities that most big banks would turn down”, Chris adds.

Groves Capital recently partnered with Glenn Stearns, owner of  Kind Lending, which will help them have new and unique product options with the sharpest pricing over their competitors. “We are confident that  we not only have every product to help our clients, but the best pricing and our focus will remain on your clients experience, with a 5 star and 110% effort with every transaction”, Chris concludes.

So evoking the phrase “in times of crisis some cry and the others sell handkerchiefs“, Chris is the perfect example of people who only focus on bringing out positivity by finding an opportunity after each situation. Those people who do not care if one door closes, they will wait in the hall for another one to open and, if it doesn’t open, they’ll look for a window.

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