How Swiss Top Executive Mentor Heinz Kaegi Came To Create Visionary Leaders

How Swiss Top Executive Mentor Heinz Kaegi Came To Create Visionary Leaders

Heinz Kaegi is a renowned Business Mentor who guides executives to become the best leaders they can be. You might think, but how exactly did he get here? What makes him qualified to teach top executives how to lead? 

Heinz Kaegi led an executive career himself for over a decade. Throughout this time, he gained vast experience in the corporate world and paid attention to the leadership types that have the most success. Furthermore, he dedicated much of his time prior to building his mentoring business on researching what makes an exceptional leader. He based his research on one question: “What makes the difference between a manager and a leader, really?” By observing the attitudes and actions of others, as well as himself, he gained fascinating insights that concluded in a tangible model that explains what makes an excellent leader. 

With this insight in mind, Heinz set out to change the way managers lead themselves and their teams, ultimately growing his own national personal development firm. Heinz shares seven laws of leadership with entrepreneurs and top executives. These seven laws are laid out below: 

. No Purpose – No Power.

. No Vision – No Passion.

. No Focus – No Freedom.

. No Commitment – No Achievement.

. No Team – No Success.

. No Mentorship – No Leadership.

. No Heart Work – No Excellence.

It is through these seven laws of leadership that Heinz Kaegi guides his clients to gain clarity and moves leaders from hard work to heart work®. While this work starts naturally, way before legally forming a company, it starts with asking simple yet deep questions such as, “who are you?,” “what legacy do you want to leave behind?,” and “what is the higher purpose of your company?.”

“When you have answered the why and the what, the how will unfold right before you.” – Heinz Kaegi

Through his work, Heinz’ purpose is to leave a legacy that creates a future for our children and the next generations. In 2020, the world of business changed dramatically. The lifetime of managers is over. Now, it is time to grow beyond. As such, Heinz Kaegi continues to grow his business, Kaegi-Leadershift Ltd., developing multiple leadership programs with an international team of mentors and coaches that inspire, develop and shape the future. 

Heinz not only enjoys coaching small intimate groups, but also enjoys speaking to large audiences, in order to have the greatest impact possible. As such, Heinz is now a sought after speaker and loves speaking in big international stages, where he can interact and move the audiences to the next level of becoming who they are as individual leaders.

While achieving his current success has not been easy, Heinz believes you can achieve anything that you can conceive and truly believe. He not only believes this for himself, but for anyone out there who is passionate about their purpose in life and is willing to undergo deep work to achieve it. 

“What you can conceive and truly believe, you can achieve,” states Heinz. 

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