Mr. Biz® is an Accomplished Strategist, But He is Also a Three-Time Bestselling Author: Learn More About What Lies Behind His Books

Mr. Biz® is an Accomplished Strategist, But He is Also a Three-Time Bestselling Author: Learn More About What Lies Behind His Books

Ken Wentworth, aka “Mr. Biz®”, is an experienced business strategist who runs Mr. Biz Solutions, an On-Demand CFO (Chief Financial Officer) business. Along with that, he is also a three-time bestselling author.

Ken’s first book, “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro: A Mr. Biz Guide to Crushing Business Owner Insomnia,” came about after he compiled a list of cash flow tips he was sharing with his clients.

He understands the importance of cash flow because 82% of business failures are the result of cash flow challenges. After Wentworth had compiled his list of tips, his brother recommended he make it into a book. Soon after publication, “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro” became a bestseller. 

This led to Ken’s second book, “Pathway to Profits: A Mr. Biz Guide to Running Your Business Like a Boss,” which went above and beyond cash flow issues. Ken realized there was more he could do to help small business owners succeed and grow their businesses. As a result, he wrote “Pathway to Profits” to cover areas such as budgeting, pricing, marketing and operations. 

“After ‘Pathway to Profits’, I thought I was going to have that book as Volume 1 of 2 and that I would go straight into writing a third book to provide more tips for business owners. However, I soon decided to write my third book with a different audience in mind. I wanted the book to appeal to a broader audience, not just entrepreneurs or business owners.” Ken explains.

With this in mind, Mr. Biz® continued to provide guidance to his clients and mentees when one day a mentee told him his goal-achieving advice translated into a simple, four-step process. This is when Ken decided to formalize his four-step “SMAC” methodology.

From there, he created a keynote speech around SMAC and presented it at an upcoming conference.

“When the keynote ended, a lot of people came over to me and asked me if everything I had said was somewhere in a book since they wanted to learn more about the ‘SMAC’ method and how they could apply it.” Ken shares.

Understanding his four-step plan had the capacity to help anyone achieve not just goals, but massive goals, Wentworth put his “SMAC” methodology into his next book.

This is how Mr. Biz® wrote “Don’t Fake the Funk: F*ck Being Average,” where he outlines how most people fail not because they set goals too high, but because they do not set goals high enough. The book details real-life SMAC examples from his own accomplishments, but also many influencers and even one example that dates back to the 1500s!

Goals need to be set high enough so achieving them will move the needle in your life. That is why Ken says the SMAC methodology is not just for any small goal; it is especially about achieving life-changing goals.

“This method is not necessarily for someone looking to lose 5 or 10 pounds, although it can be used for that. It’s more so for someone looking to lose 100 pounds. It is not just for someone looking to be promoted to the next level, but for someone who wants to achieve a three-level promotion. It is not just for someone who wants to make $50K; it is for someone who wants to make a million dollars.” Ken states.

But what is interesting is that in writing “Don’t Fake the Funk,” Ken was actually procrastinating. He had publicly proclaimed a deadline to publish the book and almost missed it because he had not actually started writing the book.

Not surprisingly, what enabled Ken to meet the deadline and write the book (from starting to publication) in just 30 days, was utilizing his own “SMAC” methodology. What a twist of irony!

Mr. Biz® is not just a three-time best selling author. After ascending to the top 3% of a Fortune 15 company and becoming a 6-time World Record holder, he started his own businesses to guide companies to explosive growth and higher profitability; he became an award-winning radio show host (Mr. Biz Radio) and also recently launched his own streaming channel, Mr. Biz Network

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