South Korea’s Self Made Tattoo Artist and Mentor- Eunbee Jung

South Korea’s Self Made Tattoo Artist and Mentor- Eunbee Jung

Meet Eunbee Jung, owner of Eunb Tattoo and well known artist in Seoul, South Korea for her intrinsic and articulate tattoo designs.

Eunbee immersed herself into the world of art and the tattoo industry at a young age. She always loved to draw and paint, yet as she got older she took a chance with a marketing job as she believed it was a financially safer choice. Nevertheless, she realized that drawing was her destiny, and particularly liked the idea of drawing on peoples skin for a living. Thanks to a friend who showed her how to tattoo, Eunbee put all her heart into her new career path and quickly fell in love with the craft.

As a tattoo artist, she also noticed her clients were interested in the craft, and there were not many shops in Seoul that offered opportunities for individuals to grow professionally. Thus she made it her goal and dream of opening her own tattoo shop to empower artists interested in tattooing.

Eunbee worked extremely hard to materialize this dream into a reality. As a Korean native, competitiveness was ingrained into her mind and held the mentality that she had to be better than everyone else while constantly improving herself at the same time. Overtime, and with the right mindset, Eunbee became a mentor herself at Eunb Tattoo. She realized that she cannot view other artists as competition, rather see it as an opportunity to collaborate or show them the ropes on how to tattoo. 

“I like seeing the excitement in my students’ eyes when they pick up a machine for the first time. I am always excited to help equip my students with the skills and knowledge needed to tattoo.”

Now, Eunb Tattoo includes resident artists who primarily focus on just tattooing clients in order to improve their skills. Meanwhile, Eunbee serves as a mentor and teaches other artists her best practices. Currently, Eunbee is looking to expand reach to other artists and clients with additional classes, and her team is actively scouting for other potential tattoo mentors. Additionally, she wants to continue empowering her team for further collaboration with artists, not only in South Korea, but worldwide. 

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