US-Based Yes You Can! Appoints New Executive Team to Lead Global Market Expansion

US-Based Yes You Can! Appoints New Executive Team to Lead Global Market Expansion

Alejandro Chaban, CEO & Founder of health and wellness social networking company Yes You Can! (YYC!), plans to bring awareness of his easy-to-follow lifestyle system by expanding the Company’s presence in North America and other global markets by partnering with former Tupperware executives who will add a wealth of direct sales experience to the recently turned 9-year-old brand .

“My passion for Yes You Can! comes from my very personal mission to help millions transform their lives, physically and emotionally, through the power of a healthy lifestyle,” Chaban said. “I knew I needed to bring in an energetic team that not only shares my passion for changing lives but also has a solid track record driving revenue growth to lead YYC!’s expansion in the U.S. and globally.”

To support the YYC! brand expansion, Chaban has partnered with three former Tupperware Executives with decades of social networking global experience. Stein Ove Fenne, former Officer and Group President of Tupperware Brands, was named President of Yes You Can! in August. Fenne, a purpose-driven and experienced global direct sales executive brings over 20 years of global leadership experience in strategic change management, new business development and international market expansion. Fenne oversaw the operation of a billion-dollar-plus EMEA organization, developed a high-performance leadership culture, championed innovative digital strategies and social media initiatives, and led successful turnaround of multiple established and emerging markets around the world.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to lead the Yes You Can! brand and its growing community. The Company has enormous potential, and a bright future as people are placing more focus on health and wellness and want to live healthy, balanced lives. The timing is key for our global expansion plans,” says Fenne. With a proven track record, he is confident the new additions will be a great fit to the YYC! management team that will work together to capitalize digital trends and leverage the direct selling model.

Cheryl Smith, former Vice President of Sales at Magnolia Designs Co. and former Vice President of Sales and Leadership at Tupperware U.S. & Canada, joined Yes You Can! as Vice President of Sales and Leadership Development, bringing with her over 35 years of comprehensive experience in the direct selling industry. Smith achieved success by leading multi-million-dollar independent Tupperware franchises in the Eastern U.S. Smith then transitioned into corporate leadership roles as Regional Vice President, and Vice President, Salesforce and Leadership Development   for Tupperware US & CA, during the time when the company experienced a 45% increase in sales force size, and double digit sales and profit growth during a challenging time for direct selling companies.

Bringing with her over 20 years of brand marketing & social networking experience, Nora Alonso, also joined Yes You Can! in August as Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. Nora’s direct selling experience was shaped while working in both the global and market divisions of Tupperware Brands alongside Fenne and Smith. Nora most recently held the title of Director of Communications, Public Relations and Production for the US & CA market, and executed marketing and digital campaigns, directed and produced international, national, and regional events.

YYC! offers a healthy lifestyle system based on four fundamental pillars: emotional health, nutrition, nutritional supplements, and movement. The system is supported by the 2-2-1 program (2 meal replacements, 2 protein snacks, and 1 healthy meal) built on specially formulated Complete Meal Replacement shakes, high protein snacks, and supplements to support weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals. Currently one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the U.S., YYC! premium products are offered through a direct sales model, which includes an independent sales force and direct to consumer e-commerce. In Venezuela, where Alejandro was born and raised, a retail distribution model started earlier this year. In September, YYC! products began selling direct to consumers in Mexico, and soon will evolve to be the second direct selling North American market for the Company. The Company has plans to expand into Canada, Greece, Turkey, Russia, China, and South Africa.