Vinny Aiello is a 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Took a Leap of Faith to Begin His Passion for Entrepreneurship.

Vinny Aiello is a 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Took a Leap of Faith to Begin His Passion for Entrepreneurship.

Though Covid was a hard time for all of us for one reason or another, many people used the time to pick up new hobbies or to try something new to better themselves. Vinny Aiello was one of these people. At only age 20, he used this time to take a leap of faith and begin his dream towards being a successful businessman.

“I’ve always been an introvert and was never that great at talking to people especially when it came to business/finance. I dropped out of college after 2 weeks and started working at Lifetime Fitness getting paid $10/hr for several months until Covid hit. If Covid never happened, I would have never been blessed with the opportunity that I was given. I was 19, had $2,500 in my bank account, and a huge appetite for success,” Vinny recounts.

Vinny, despite his young age, has found his stride in the credit repair business. He may look just like a 20 year old, he has been able to help numerous people advance their credit and use better credit to their advantage. Through this process, he learns more about credit himself.

I help people repair and leverage their credit on a daily basis. I’m very passionate about teaching young adults on how credit bureaus work and how they report differently. Honestly, I was very uneducated on credit and finances in general until I started to learn more about it day by day. If I could help myself learn the knowledge and skills that come with credit then I knew I’d be able to help thousands of people too. I do it for the people,” Vinny explains.

Despite his success, Vinny has struggled with numerous obstacles on his path to the top. His biggest challenge has been his fear of failure and rejection. However, he has been able to achieve and make big gains even with the obstacles in his way by focusing on what differentiated him from the competition.

“I’m relentless. I only take yes for an answer and I don’t waste time on suspects or those that aren’t serious about their finances. Others would beg and plead. My attitude everyday as a salesman is take it or leave it. One thing I’ve learned is that if you’re afraid to jump, it’s a sign that you should. If you don’t, someone else will. How are you supposed to be successful if you’re always in your comfort zone? You miss every shot you don’t take so you might as well try anything and everything,” Vinny remarks.

Vinny’s advice for those who wish to take the step to follow their dreams is to just take the jump and make it happen! That is what Vinny did and he has achieved massive success. In his mind, either you will make it happen or someone else will, and you should never let someone take that opportunity away.

“If you’re thinking about starting a business, just do it. Take the risk. Gamble on yourself. You only get one go at this life. If you can fail at something you don’t like doing, why not take a chance at something you love? Take that leap of faith and just do it. I’ve done it hundreds of times and it got me to where I am today. The biggest risk when starting a business or thinking about it, is not taking a risk at all. Just do the work every single day, make it a habit, and eventually things will fall into place,” Vinny advises.

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