Worker Motivation, Supporting Local Communities, and Helping Companies: How is All of This Possible in One Company? Erika Garcia Has the Answer.

Worker Motivation, Supporting Local Communities, and Helping Companies: How is All of This Possible in One Company? Erika Garcia Has the Answer.

Workers are exhausted after a difficult year and half of a pandemic. The work from home life can have its benefits, but for many, it leaves them feeling unmotivated and looking to change up their lifestyle. This is where Erika Garcia comes in. She is taking workers on the journeys of their lives throughout Mexico to help re-motivate them to work to their full potential.

“We have discovered that the reason behind people taking holidays is the feeling of not being good enough, that life is not necessarily always outside themselves. We control the experience from the beginning to the end, we are not brokers, not a travel agency, or a tour company. We are owners of the experience reaching directly to consumers via happiness in a card. That happiness contains access to a destination that is the first and safest destination in the world and the card is your ticket that gives you the right to reserve whatever you want. Our card is the perfect gift to recognize someone’s effort, we offer a digital and physical version,” Erika explains.

Instead of having people waste their benefits and vacation days, Erika is creating a solution that solves two problems at the same time: unmotivated workers and wasted vacation time. This is why many businesses have reached out to her in order to work with the team in both Mexico to solve these problems.

“We discovered in the last 18 years of serving more than 300 families coming to our beautiful country Mexico. We discovered that we’re not offering a holiday, we’re selling happiness. The joy and meaning that each family, couple and person that came from any other brands historically had a unique story. Everyone was trying to get back some kind of connection with themselves, their families, and nature at the same time that they were meeting the need of exploring a new country, yet being very close,” Erika remarks.

However, what makes Erika different from other businesses doing a similar thing is that she is not only helping the people coming on the trips, but she is also giving back to the community. For every one person who rents a room and a travel experience from Erika’s company, four new jobs are created in local communities to assist these guests. In this way, she is showing people how incredible these journeys are, but is also able to give back to the communities that are giving to her.

“We have created 432 jobs in Mexico. This is the power of our business. The most expensive room is the empty room, so we want to avoid that as much as possible. Instead, we fill those rooms and directly support people who fill these niches. Particularly when the tourist and travel industry has taken such a hit, we want to make sure that we are helping as much as humanly possible,” Erika details.

This has been crucial to supporting numerous local businesses and economies in both nations. With so many more people to help on both the business side and the local community side, Erika has no plans to slow down. She is ready for people to start making their journeys and experiencing all that her journeys have to offer.

“For my business, my next project is to take my cancun card and expand the vision so that people will realize that they can purchase and have a cancun card in their house. I want them to know that the power of happiness and paradise is also in the cards,” Erika details.

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